Saturday , October 20 2018
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Google Malawi Defaced By Portugal Hackers

A Hackers group from Portugal claiming to be ProtoWave has hacked and defaced Google Malawi ( According to Maritime News, ProtoWave had gained access to the domain registry which controls all .mw domains. The hackers then changed Google Malawi nameservers to their own server, allowing them to deface the website.

Due to poor security on the domain registry’s website and servers, this hack surely means that the hackers had access to all .mw domains and could possibly be able to control any .me domain name. At the time of publishing this news article, the website remained hacked and defaced.

Below is a screenshot of the defacement:

Google Malawi Defaced

We aren’t sure for how long will the defacement be there. However, you can still access Google by using another country google. Such as Google UAE ( and Google Australia ( This news article will be updated as soon as new updates are recieved!

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