Thursday , November 15 2018
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Got Yourself An iPhone X? Gear Up With The Best Covers!

Apple has rolled out the latest generation of their flagship device. For those who’ve waited long enough, the last thing you want is your phone to get damaged with even the slightest scratch! Make sure to grab any of these luxury cases made to match your new iPhone X:

Retro iPhone X PU Leather Cover

iPhone X Leather Cover

PU Leather holds an exquisite look and feel that would enhance any gadget. Stylish craftsmanship aside, this is one handy cover that serves both stand and card holder functions. Go vintage with brown, bold and strong with brilliant black, and red or blue to suit your mood or outfit.

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iPhone X Luxury Ultra Thin Case

Luxury iPhone X Case 5

As its name suggests, your iPhone X will retain its luxurious appeal with this superbly thin case. Though sleek in form, the hard PC plastic case is remarkably durable, fingerprint-proof and shock resistant. Lovers of the matted color will find this a perfect fit for their new iPhone.

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Ultra Thin and Slim iPhone X Case

iPhone X Covers

To cover or not? No one likes the added weight brought on by phone cases. Perhaps this ultra thin iPhone X case will help you decide. On top of offering full protection are smooth grip, anti-fingerprint/watermark, dirt-resistant, non-fade qualities in one amazing cover!

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